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Looking for a more holistic approach to improving your well-being?

Welcome to our Community! Our photos and videos are a bit outdated, given our new studio on Jungermann has just re-opened.  However, you will find that the benefits and information is still very relevant. 

When you come to our studio…. expect a MUCH greater experience than these pictures can communicate.  And be on the lookout for an updated website… expected February 2024.  

Experience the benefits of meditation through sound immersions:

Feel calmer with a greater sense of inner peace

Life can get hectic and crazy, but your mind doesn’t have to.  Managing your stress response is one of the best things you can do for your mental, physical and emotional well-being, as well as all of those around you.  Sound therapy is a highly-effective, holistic approach to stress management.  

Improve quantity and quality of sleep

Numerous studies continue to show how pivotal sleep is for our overall health.  If you aren’t getting adequate quality AND quantity of sleep, your health will continue to degrade.  

One of the greatest benefits of attending sessions at The Sound Spa is the overall improvement in sleep, which leads to improved energy, nutrition, digestion, cardiovascular health, and so much more! 

Less tension in the body, less pain

Our members regularly experience reduction in body pain following a sound session.  Reduced neck pain, shoulder pain, and arthritis pain are common benefits to attending weekly sound sessions.  

Sound therapy helps to regulate the nervous system through the frequency and vibration of the instruments.  When our nervous system is regulated and relaxed, muscle tension decreases- which leads to less chronic pain.  

“Those of us who tried sound therapy found it to be one of the best self-care tools we have done for ourselves.”

Camelia Ibrahim Johnson,
Guest Fitness Expert, Owner of Extra Credit Fitness

“I seriously felt like a new person.  I had no idea it was going to be like this. I felt like I had just slept 8 hours.”

Amy Gill,
Member Pharmacist, Health and Wellness Advocate

Because our minds and bodies are different, each person experiences the benefits of sound therapy in different ways.  It truly is amazing to see the numerous ways members and guests have benefited from our sound sessions. 

Benefits of Sound Immersion

• Feel calmer, more peace in life
• Improve sleep
• Improve focus, less racing thoughts
• Less tension in the body, less pain
• More patience with others
• Improve your mindset
• Release negative thoughts
• Less anxious, less stressed
• Greater sense of clarity and mindfulness
• Process past traumas
• Unlock creativity

the sound spa team