The Sound Spa

A passion that grew from a need

This concept of offering meditations through sound immersions on a weekly schedule came from a need that we once had.  A need for greater options to continue to attend sound sessions during our own health journey.  We have created exactly what we wish we once had ourselves.  We have seen the impact of sound immersions in our own lives, and in the lives of others, and we are incredibly proud to now be able to offer those same benefits to others.  

The founding of The sound spa

From practicing sound therapy at private parties to preparing to open our own location, The Sound Spa has grown rapidly through word of mouth and the testimonies of all who have benefited from attending sound sessions.

Noelle Robinson, founder

Noelle is a certified sound therapist, health and wellness advocate, and mother of 3.  It is through her own physical and mental health struggles that she was led to sound immersions.

As she experienced tremendous healing and benefits from her own experience, she felt led to share this powerful modality with others.  Noelle just recently left her teaching career of over 10 years to begin helping others through sound immersions.  It was through her time in the public schools that she witnessed the impact of stress and our current modern lifestyles on people of all ages, children and adults.  

When asked why she left teaching, she responds with “Because after Covid, I saw a dramatic increase in depression and anxiety that was quite alarming.  Not just with my students, but with their parents and siblings as well.  I knew that I had a skill that could help others in a much more profound way than I was able to in the classroom.” 

Linda Kessler, sound facilitator

Linda recently retired from Barnes Jewish Hospital- St. Peters in the summer of 2022.  Her experiences in the hospital led to her to more holistic approaches to health back in the 1990’s, and she has been experimenting and learning ever since.  Over the past year, she became fascinated with the profound impact sound and vibration had on the human body.  She began to sign up for courses and trainings, which led her to meeting Noelle in the early stages of The Sound Spa.  

Linda is a certified sound healer and continues to study sound facilitation in person and online.  

Benefits of membership

• Feel calmer, more peace in life
• Improve sleep
• Improve focus, less racing thoughts
• Less tension in the body, less pain
• More patience with others
• Improve your mindset
• Release negative thoughts
• Less anxious, less stressed
• Greater sense of clarity and mindfulness
• Process past traumas
• Unlock creativity