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Unlocking Higher Levels of Personal Growth and Healing

Anna Alt is a true community leader in the St. Charles County area.  She is the Director of Community Outreach for one of the area’s largest women’s professional networks, Little Black Book: Women In Business. She is also a community leader and supporter in numerous local organizations and events.  Anna gives her time to supporting […]

Getting Better Sleep and Staying Calm With Sound Sessions

Edith was first brought to The Sound Spa by her mother, Brittany, a Sound Spa member who wondered if the benefits she had experienced herself could also help her daughter.   Although typically a very positive, helpful, and loving child, Edith would sometimes struggle with bouts of anxiety that led her to blowing up and […]

Saying Goodbye to Crippling Anxiety…

anxiety testimonial

On the outside, Brittany has always appeared to have it all together.  She is outgoing, kind, helpful, a loving mother and wife, and contributes positively to her community.  On the inside, Brittany has struggled with crippling anxiety and racing thoughts since before she was a teenager.     Even with exploring multiple avenues for coping with […]