The Sound Spa

Edith was first brought to The Sound Spa by her mother, Brittany, a Sound Spa member who wondered if the benefits she had experienced herself could also help her daughter.   Although typically a very positive, helpful, and loving child, Edith would sometimes struggle with bouts of anxiety that led her to blowing up and acting out.  When she would feel overwhelmed by stress, Edith would scream, run into her room, and throw herself onto her bed.  She had also gotten into a cycle that made sleeping more difficult for her, struggling with nightmares and being tired only made her anxiety and outbursts worse.


Edith was a bit shy about going to her first session, but also excited because Brittany had helped her to anticipate what to expect.  She talked with Edith about what would happen during the session, and how they would be laying on the mat for awhile.  Edith wore a quiet bracelet that she could fidget with in case she got antsy.  


Although it might be difficult for some as young as Edith to lay quiet and stay still, the (then) five year old truly enjoyed the calm and relaxing session.  Afterward, she talked with her mother about the sounds and sensations she felt, referring to the chimes as “fairy bells.” 

That night, she was able to sleep soundly throughout the entire night.  A huge win for the Neunuebel household! She has since come back for several more sound sessions, as Edith will ask to go for a session whenever she is feeling stressed.  Not only has Edith found a new sense of calm, but sound sessions have given her a greater sense of confidence and a stronger relationship with her mother.  


She is now able to have more insightful conversations with her mom and process areas she is struggling with.  Edith is more confident as well when dealing with the stress of school and friendships.  Where she was once overwhelmed, now she is able to overcome. 


 “I got this.  I can handle this,”  she will now tell her parents.