The Sound Spa

Faith came to The Sound Spa after learning about sound immersions from her mom.  From her very first visit, she was hooked.  She was immediately blown away by the impactful way that the sound session changed the trajectory of her day.  “I went in not knowing what to expect.”

As she walked into her first session, Faith was angry about an earlier conflict she had.  However, after setting her intention of releasing the conflict, she was astounded by how calm and grounded she felt.  She left The Sound Spa with an unexpected sense of clarity and peace.  This helped her to quickly resolve the conflict and move on in a much healthier and happier way.  “That hooked me.”

Faith’s Experience With Holistic Healing

A year ago, Faith’s mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. “I saw my mom as a healthy person, so her diagnosis was really baffling.”  “It really made me wonder how health works.”  Her mom’s journey to remission inspired Faith to look into a healthier lifestyle. “Seeing my mom learning and growing through the experience was powerful.”

Her mom showed this to her in many ways and ultimately led her to the Sound Spa. Faith had never experienced anything like a sound immersion, and found it to be more valuable than any form of meditation previously attempted. “It is so valuable.  Taking intentional time out of your day for yourself.  Putting all the outside world on pause, and just being mindful of your own peace.” 

“I am a minute by minute person.  I love waking up and having no idea of how my day is going to go.  But with that, I lack a lot of grounding.  It’s very valuable for me to do this for myself.” Seeing the value for herself prompted her interest and desire to learn more and help others to experience the benefits of sound therapy. “The training and getting to know about it is so cool.”

Faith brings a bubbly sense of joy to each session she facilitates.  One of her greatest gifts is her interest in listening to the stories others share.  Faith has a unique way of making others feel important and understood through her attention and care of understanding the experiences of others.  An avid learner, Faith is always learning new ways to improve her sound facilitation, as well as better understanding how sound therapy impacts the human body.