The Sound Spa

What should I wear?

There is no particularly right way to dress during a sound immersion.  Some come in sweatpants, while others in heels and dresses.  It really depends on what you are most comfortable wearing during the time that you book your session.  It is helpful if it is clothing that you are comfortable laying in.  

is there anything i should do to prepare for the session?

There is no preparation needed.  But we do have a few tips that can be helpful for enhancing your experience.  Drink a little extra water within the 24 hours before your session.  Being hydrated enhances how the sound vibrations move throughout your body.  Bring a water bottle.  You don’t really need to bring anything at all, but a water bottle is nice to have after the session.  And if you can avoid eating 2 hours before your session, that can also be very helpful for freeing up your body’s energy resources when you are not digesting food.  

what if i fall asleep?

No worries at all! Many people fall asleep during a sound session and still receive all the benefits of being surrounded by the sound vibrations.  Some have described sessions as the best nap ever, a full body restore.  The last sound used is a wonderful “wake up call” for the brain, allowing participants to ease their way back into the session if they have fallen asleep.  Because we not only “hear” sound with our ears, but also process sound through our skin (and the fabulous science of vibroacoustics, we are confident you will benefit from your experience regardless of whether you are fully awake or not.)

Many participants also find themselves entering a meditative state during sound sessions, which is enhanced as one continues to attend sound sessions.  This meditative state gives the participant all of the benefits of meditation, without the work or frustration of struggling to meditate.  This is due to the slowing of the brain waves that happens during sound sessions, mimicking a meditative experience.  

what if i snore?

Also nothing to be concerned about, snoring happens! We discuss this at the beginning of the session briefly, and use a light shoulder tap to let the guest know that they are snoring.  That way, we can ensure that all participants have a great experience.   

can my child come with me?

Children 10 and older who are comfortable with laying down for 50 minutes are welcome to any regularly scheduled session.  We ask that all participants in a session be mindful of not disrupting another person’s experience, regardless of age.  If you would like to bring a child under 10, please contact us before scheduling so that we can discuss more.

Do teenagers come to sound sessions?

We have many guests and members that are under the age of 18.  Today’s teenagers deal with a variety of mental health struggles.  Sound immersions are a holistic approach to well-being that can be highly effective for adolescents.  The founder of The Sound Spa, Noelle, was a middle school teacher and it was her experiences with adolescent mental health that partly led her to seeking sound therapy and opening The Sound Spa.  

What instruments do you use during the sessions?

We use a variety of instruments during each sound session.  Our most powerful and healing vibrations come from the gongs and crystal bowls.  We also use shakers, buffalo drums, and a rain stick to create a beautiful combination of sounds and tones during each session.  These instruments have been using for many years by a variety of cultures and have been shown to positively impact neural pathways through the sounds and vibrations they produce.