The Sound Spa

Tips for Getting The Most Out of Your Sound Immersion Experience

The Day of Your Session:

STAY HYDRATED: Sound waves travel through the water molecules in our bodies.  It is also necessary for our lymphatic system to drain toxins from our body.  Making sure you are well hydrated enhances the healing potential for your sound session.

SET YOUR INTENTION:  Why are you coming for a sound session?  What do you hope to gain?  Getting clear on your reason for being here is a great way to transition from the hustle and bustle of life into the relaxing state of presence and mindfulness.

AVOID EATING ONE HOUR BEFORE YOU ARRIVE: It is not necessary, but helpful, to avoid eating one hour before you arrive at the studio.  When you are digesting food, your body directs a great deal of energy to that process.  By avoiding food 1-2 hours before your session, this allows your body to direct its energy towards repair and rejuvenation.  (Again, not necessary at all- but helpful)


Arriving To The Studio

BE EARLY:  Arrive 15 minutes early in order to give yourself time to settle in and begin relaxing.  This allows for a clear transition from “doing mode” to “being mode”.   (more information about this- click here).  Arriving late often causes people to be stressed, which delays the body and mind’s ability to relax and reset.

RELAX AND LET GO:  As you enter the studio, take a moment to leave the outside world behind. Turn off your phone, take a few deep breaths, and allow yourself to fully embrace the calming atmosphere we’ve carefully curated for you.

KEEP AN OPEN MIND: The sound immersion experience is truly personal for each person.  We can never anticipate how someone will respond to auditory/vibration input.  Be open to whatever the experience feels like for you.  The more that you embrace the relaxation, the deeper the benefits will be for your nervous system.  (learn more about the various types of experiences people have by clicking here).


After Your Session

STAY HYDRATED:  This is so important.  Hydration allows your body to process and release toxins after your session.  Ensuring you are drinking high quality water is also key.  Adding electrolytes, lemon juice, celtic sea salt can offer additional benefits as well.

YOU DO YOU!:  Some people find it best to keep the relaxation going after a sound session, and will go home to relax on the couch, take a bath, or read a good book after. Some get energized to go work out, finish tasks for work or home, and stay productive for the hours after a sound session. This often goes back to the intention that is set for the session.  There is no right or wrong here, do what’s best for you.

JOURNALING:  Journaling about what comes up for you- or what you experienced can be very helpful if you are on a healing/wellness journey.  It can also be fun to look back over the course of a few months and see all of the insights and growth that you have had during your time attending sound immersions.  Making time to record your thoughts and challenge your negative beliefs can be really nurturing for your mental health.