The Sound Spa

Mel is a massage therapist who was a hospital nurse until 2023.  After spending 6 years in the nursing world, Mel was burned out.  Overworked and being under constant pressure had taken a toll on her health.  Mel suffered from chronic migraines and constant pain. Her neck tension made daily work more difficult.  Covid brought on more stress and anxiety than Mel had ever experienced.  All the stress from work had created a range of physical and mental symptoms, Mel knew that she needed a change.

In the beginning of 2022, Mel knew that she needed to make a change and take better care of herself.  She was tired of being tired.  Although she knew that something needed to change, she didn’t know quite what.  She still wanted to help people for a living, but was tired of the demands of the hospital environment.  She wanted to be able to help people more authentically…. more individually.

As she thought more and more about it, she realized that holistic health was something she had been very interested in.  This led her to enrolling in massage school.  She began meditating and surrounding herself with more positive people. She really enjoyed spending time with people that were trying to improve themselves, trying to be the best version of themselves.

As she began to make time to prioritize her health, she found The Sound Spa.  “For me, it was great to have an hour to sit down and not think about anything. To just listen to the different sounds and being in a completely meditative state.”  This was a much needed break from her busy schedule of juggling work and massage school.  Mel became a member at The Sound Spa in order to help her find a break amongst the chaos.  “My time as a member really helped during the months of balancing the demands of nursing with going to massage school at night. “

Towards the end of summer in 2023, Mel was excited to see that The Sound Spa was looking for new facilitators.  She had always wanted to learn about sound, and that goal had stayed in the back of her mind ever since she was first a member.

When asked what she loves most so far, she shared, “Playing the music is so fun for me, I love being able to facilitate the session.  The group of people we work with are great- we are a great team.  Being able to find that healing space for other people is really important to me.”  


We are so thankful to have Mel as part of The Sound Spa. She brings a sense of groundedness to her facilitation, and her passion for helping others is contagious.