The Sound Spa

Living With Chronic Pain

For over a decade, Kate had been living in a cycle of pain, stress, and anxiety. Her fibromyalgia, migraines and chronic illnesses had led her to seek many forms of medical care and therapies throughout that time.   With a suppressed immune system, Kate would often miss work for weeks or even months at a time due to her various illnesses.  


And over the last year, Kate experienced a tremendous amount of unexpected change in her life: Almost losing everything due to flash flooding, moving to a new home, and helping her parents transition to a senior living facility… on top of taking on a new position at work.  All these changes on top of already experiencing fibromyalgia, fatigue, depression, and other health issues that led Kate to taking multiple medications just to get through the day.  


And then one day, Kate woke up to excruciating pain.  She could barely walk and the smallest movements would bring tears to her eyes.  Her back had gone out, and Kate couldn’t seem to fully recover.  Her pain continued to get worse.


Kate was struggling tremendously with this new sudden injury, on top of her already persistent chronic pain.  Her chiropractor had no idea what was causing her pain to worsen, so she ordered an MRI.  Even the MRI didn’t seem to show reasons for the pain, so Kate was referred to a neurosurgeon.  

The neurosurgeon was equally perplexed and eventually referred Kate to a pain management specialist.  All the while, Kate’s pain worsened, turning simple actions like walking into insurmountable tasks.  

Although the pain management specialist recognized that Kate was developing arthritis around parts of her spine, as well as two bulging discs, he did not think that was the source of her pain.  After talking with Kate more, he realized STRESS was causing her high levels of pain and discomfort.  

Finding the Solution:

Right around this same time, Kate had found The Sound Spa and had attended two sessions.  She shared this with the doctor and how she thought that might help with her stress levels.  He agreed to support her in continuing to try the sound sessions and see how that assisted her pain.  He still insisted that she would need pain injections. So they made an appointment for 2 weeks later…. That if she was still in pain, Kate would come in for spinal injections.  

Kate left, committed to attending as many sound sessions as she could.  She got in about 3 or 4 sound sessions and less than one week after that appointment, KATE’S BACK WAS PAIN FREE!!! 🙌🤯The Sound Spa

“It was that powerful for me.  I even canceled my physical therapy.   My back was not hurting anymore, period.   I just kept waiing for it to come back, and it never did.”


Not only did Kate notice the changes in her body, but even her chiropractor commented on how astounded she was:

“I came in one day, it had probably been about three weeks of me coming (to The Sound Spa), and she just couldn’t believe that my pain was gone.  She said, ‘I’ve been treating you for six years. I’ve never seen something work this deeply for you and so fast.  We are all just amazed! We’ve tried so many things with you over the last six years, and I’ve never seen something work for you the way these sound sessions have worked.”

Not only did Kate notice the physical benefits… but she was astounded by the mental and emotional benefits she experienced.  


The Sound Spa Sound sessions gave Kate an opportunity to work through her stuck emotions…. Her past traumas and negative beliefs she had been holding onto.  Kate continues to see her therapist weekly, and her time in the sound sessions further helps the work that she does in therapy sessions.  


The Unexpected Transformation

After 3 months of coming to sound sessions weekly, Kate noticed how much her anxiety has lessened and her ability to problem-solve has improved.  As a decision maker for her aging parents’ living situation, and a Team Lead for her organization’s financial information systems, she is often presented with a wide variety of problems to attend to on a daily basis.  

In the past, Kate found it difficult to balance these responsibilities. She almost never had energy after her workday, and her chronic pain limited her life greatly.  Not only does Kate have greater focus and is more productive, but she has more energy to live her life and have fun after work with family and friends.  

She recently shared with us, “Normally, when my dad would call me with a situation that’s happening with my mom. And I would hear it and then I would feel in my whole body get tense and I would feel that I have to drop everything and get worried about what needed to be done.”The Sound Spa


“My heart would flutter, I could feel my blood pressure rise, and then I would have all these racing thoughts and the pressure that I put on myself would rise.”


“Now, he calls me and I just rationally have a conversation.  I no longer feel the pressure or stress.”


At work, I’m solving more complex situations on my own, where normally, if something would blow up in the system, I go into panic mode. And now it’s like, okay, I’m just gonna rationally think my way through it.

Kate continues to come to sound sessions weekly.  And now has the full support of her family and her boss, because they see how much she has improved and transformed over just a short period of time.

And when you see her in the studio… feel free to say hi! Kate is a great ambassador for sound therapy and loves to meet new members and hear their experiences as well. We are thankful to have her as part of our community!