The Sound Spa

Katie got rid of her body aches and pains through sound immersions.  She had a healthy level of skepticism when she first walked into The Sound Spa.  She didn’t really believe that sound sessions were helpful.  When asked about her skepticism, Katie said “I’m a practical person, so I don’t dive into everything and believe everything.”  


She was doubtful that sound immersions would be beneficial. Not only was she doubtful, Katie also had a very difficult time taking breaks.  She likes to stay busy and often lives life on overdrive.  In the past, when she was told to try relaxation techniques, they all felt like torture.  It was not something she enjoyed doing at all. 


She started attending sound sessions once per week just to give it a try.  Since this was a new concept in the St. Charles area, Katie was curious, but also wanted to be able to provide honest feedback.  So during a period of about 8-10 weeks, Katie attended as often as she could.  She didn’t change anything else about her daily routines, no changes to her diet or to her exercise.  She wanted to see if there really were any benefits to sound sessions.


The Results

Over the course of those two months, Katie noticed that she quickly started to feel more centered… more grounded.  She started to realize that it was actually good to take time for her brain to pause, that she felt better every time that she did.  


And the weeks she didn’t come, she went back to feeling more stressed and anxious.  There were about 2-3 weeks when she wasn’t able to come due to sickness, and that is where she noticed the biggest difference.  That is when she really started to notice how much she liked the calmer version of herself, and did not want to go back to feeling as stressed and anxious as she had before she started attending sound therapy.  


Emotional Health

So often, Katie shoves her feelings down to just keep going.  So often she finds herself saying, “Everything is fine.”  When it really isn’t.  But it often seems easier that way.  It’s easier to turn off the feelings to acknowledge them and deal with them.  

But during the sound sessions, she’s noticed that it feels like she is processing through her feelings, even though she doesn’t really remember it all. She is able to acknowledge them and release them.


“By not stuffing my feelings, it helps me be real with myself and stop pretending.”


A Much Needed Break From Life

Sound sessions are a much needed break from the stress of life.  A quick reset so that Katie can continue moving forward.  As a wife, mother, and business owner who is also involved with her community, Katie’s days are never boring.  


One day in particular, Katie remembers feeling very overwhelmed.  She had a lot piled on her that day- and she almost didn’t come in for the session, because she was feeling overwhelmed.  However, she knew that by coming in for the session- that one hour break would make a huge difference in how she would be able to move forward with the rest of the week.  


She came in feeling distraught, and when she left, she was completely at peace. “My mind wasn’t as chaotic as it was when I came in.”


By taking the time to slow down and sort through her thoughts, she was able to move forward in a more calm and productive way.



Feeling Less Aches and Pains 

Taking this time to breathe and turn off her thoughts has greatly improved her mental health. Not being in over-drive all the time has increased her clarity and focus. And she has also seen great improvements in her physical health! Katie was really surprised to find that sound immersions got rid of her body aches and pains after just a few months.


Katie has really struggled with aches and pains for most of her adult life.  Chronic aches and pains were just the norm for daily life.  Even just sitting for long periods of time would end with pain and difficulty moving.


“I’ve noticed that some of my aches and pains aren’t there, not as strong as they used to be.  When I went twice in one week, my knee pain was completely gone.  When I go routinely, my joint pain is gone.” 

And when she missed the three weeks, her chronic pain came back and she was reminded of how much sound sessions had been helping.  


Sound sessions have become an important part of Katie’s weekly routine.  She continues to attend sessions to improve her mental health and get rid of body aches and pains.  We are beyond grateful for her, and her passion for sharing what has worked for her with others.  

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