The Sound Spa

Once you are a customer of The Sound Spa…. you can invite your friends and family to a session FOR FREE!  And it takes less than 5 minutes.

Too good to be true, right?


Not at All.

Not only can you give a free session to your friends and family…. but we will even PAY you to do so!

That’s right…. Once your referred friend or family member decides to purchase a package or membership, you will automatically receive TEN DOLLARS in money credits towards future sessions or membership payments. 💰

At The Sound Spa, we realize that sound immersions is a completely new experience for our community.  And honestly… the first time we tried it was free too.  And if it wasn’t free, I’m not sure we would have tried it out.  So because we were gifted with that experience, we like to pass it on to others as well.

So How Do I Invite Them?

It is SUPER EASY to refer your friends and family through The Sound Spa app.  Do you have the app yet?  If not, take a moment to download the app.  It can be found on the Apple App Store, or Google Play.

⬇️ Links to Download ⬇️

Apple Store: Click Here

Google Play: Click Here


From The App:

  1. Click on the Refer and Earn icon.










2.  Copy your unique link, OR share directly to a text message.










3.  Your friend will be sent directly to the Momence website (our booking system) and prompted to create an account.  Once they enter their full name, email and phone number- they will automatically receive ONE CREDIT to their account.


4. They can then go and schedule any session they wish and apply that one credit at checkout.



The sharing is done and the gift just keeps on giving.  💙