The Sound Spa

The Overwhelm of Parenting

Laila is a long-time member and a dedicated mom of three lively kids, juggling work and family like a pro. But behind her capable exterior, Laila was grappling with stress and anxiety. 

About a year and a half ago, Laila discovered the SoundSpa. Working from home with the kids during summer break pushed her to the edge, leaving her feeling overwhelmed and impatient.

She had heard it could help with stress, something she desperately needed. Anxiety had become a constant presence, making her days feel much like a battle.

Her First Sound Immersions

Her first sessions at The Sound Spa brought immediate relief. The calm and peace she felt afterwards were like a breath of fresh air in her life when it felt like chaos. Initially, the effects only lasted a few hours, but Laila was determined. She started going more often, from once a week to a few times a week, and soon she noticed something incredible happening.

The peace and calm began to stay with her longer, even beyond the sessions. She found herself more equipped to handle stress and anxiety, almost like she was training her mind to stay regulated. Her nervous system felt more at ease, and she learned to recognize when she was becoming overwhelmed and how to bring herself back to a place of calm.

Making It Routine:

For Laila, The Sound Spa wasn’t just a place to unwind; it became a staple in her life. She compares it to running—where running helped clear her mind by exhausting her body, The Sound Spa provided deep, restorative rest without the physical exertion. It was a game-changer for her mental health.

Beyond stress relief, Laila’s journey with The Sound Spa helped her navigate personal relationships as well. She became more aware of how certain people affected her well-being, leading her to setting healthier boundaries and letting go of relationships that added to her anxiety.

Continuing the Transformation:

Prioritizing self-care wasn’t easy for Laila. As a single mom, she often put her own needs last. But her experience at The Sound Spa taught her that taking care of herself wasn’t selfish—it was essential. Her kids noticed the positive change too; they understood that her time at The Sound Spa was crucial for her to be the best mom she could be.

Now, when Laila tells her kids she’s off to The Sound Spa, they know it’s her special time to recharge and come back feeling refreshed. It’s become a regular part of their routine, contributing to a more harmonious family life.

Laila’s journey is a reminder that finding moments of peace and self-care amidst life’s demands is possible. Her story of her time with us at The Sound Spa is one of resilience, growth, and discovering the power of true rest. 🩵