The Sound Spa

Are you ready to unlock your greatest potential??

Invest in more than just ‘me time’; invest in a calmer, more resilient version of yourself.  At The Sound Spa, our members are redefining what calm looks like in their life. They are feeling more peace, more patience, more focus…. and are loving how sound sessions are impacting their lives. 

Intro package*

Not quite sure what the hype is about sound sessions?  Our Intro Offer is a great way to get a taste of what it can feel like after attending regular sound sessions.  

Unlimited Sessions for TWO WEEKS= $79

Package of 5 sessions*

This one-time purchase package option allows for a slight discount, while not adding a recurring charge.  This 5 pack of sessions must be used within 2 years of purchase.  

5 Pack of Sound Sessions= $175


If you know that you want to experience greater mental and emotional health, but not sure that weekly sessions is a commitment your can make right now- this is the best package for you! 10 sessions at an amazing price, to be used anytime you wish.  This is a pack of 10 session credits that will expire 2 years from purchase. 


10 pack of sessions= $300

Experience a Complete transformation with our membership options

Our members continue to share amazing testimonials of the transformation they have experienced with regular sound sessions! Greater energy and focus…. eliminating chronic pain…. overall greater sense of satisfaction and peace.  A membership to The Sound Spa is a commitment to up-leveling your mental, physical and emotional health.  

Our membership options

You will be blown away by the changes you feel after your first month.  

When you focus on regulating the nervous system…. and make time for your health each week, you will experience a transformation greater than you ever expected.

The Weekly Reset*

Reset your nervous system each week with your own weekly mini vacation.
4 Sessions per month

The Calm Life**

Unwind, recharge, and find your balance amidst life’s demands. 

8 Sessions Per Month


The Ultimate Peace**

This isn’t just about relaxation, this is about reclaiming control of your inner world.  It’s about unlocking greater levels of calm, joy, focus, and patience that you’ve never thought possible.


12 Sessions Per Month


*Not Shareable, Not Transferable

Packages, intro offers. and The Weekly Reset Membership are not shareable or transferable.  This discounted price on sessions is available only to the purchaser (or to the receiver of a gifted purchase).  

**Shareable Memberships

The Calm Life and The Ultimate Peace memberships can be shared with another household family member.  The intention of having a shared membership option is to allow for therapeutic sound to be accessible to families with children and to create opportunities for positive mental health amongst families.  


The Calm Life may be shared between TWO people living in the same household.  

The Ultimate Peace membership may be shared between THREE people living in the same household.  

additional benefits of membership

No contract, cancel membership at anytime. 

Get 10% Discount on All Merchandise 

20% Discount on Crystal Bowls and Instruments 

Exclusive Facebook Group 

Benefits of membership

• Feel calmer, more peace in life
• Improve sleep
• Improve focus, less racing thoughts
• Less tension in the body, less pain
• More patience with others
• Improve your mindset
• Release negative thoughts
• Less anxious, less stressed
• Greater sense of clarity and mindfulness
• Process past traumas
• Unlock creativity

the sound spa team