The Sound Spa

Are you tired of feeling stressed out?

Finding more calm and inner peace for one day is great, but what if those benefits could last all week?  All month?  

It IS possible to live life with less stress, less anxiety and less pain.  Improve your mental, physical and emotional wellness by bringing harmony back to the body and mind.  Immerse yourself in the healing vibrations and frequencies  of sound immersions on a regular basis and you will notice dramatic improvements for your mental health and overall well-being.

We offer Many package and membership options to help you reclaim your calm and live a life of greater peace and clarity.

Single Sessions

Drop in anytime for a sound session.  Each session is 1 hour and we offer 12 sessions throughout the week, including daytime and evening times, to meet your schedule needs.  
$40/ session 

Package of 5 sessions

Purchase 5 session credits to be used at anytime.  Session credits can be used for ANY session throughout the week. Session credits are non-transferable, not shareable and expire within 2 years. 

$175 per package

Introductory package- 2 weeks unlimited

Wondering what this transformation is all about?  But not sure you quite understand how sound immersions can impact your personally?  This unique package provides the perfect gateway to discovering the profound impact that consistent sound immersions can have on your daily life, without the investment of a monthly membership. Explore the transformative effects of sound sessions and the potential for a more balanced you with this introductory package. 

*Only available one time per customer*

$75 for 2 weeks unlimited

Gain the greatest benefits of sound immersions through our monthly membership

No contract, cancel membership at anytime. 

Get 10% Discount on All Merchandise 

30% Discount on Crystal Bowls and Instruments 

A variety of options to choose from that fit your budget and needs

When choosing a membership that is right for you… consider your goal.  How often do you need to come in order to gain the feelings of calm and focus you desire?  


The majority of members come 1-2 times per week, some choose to come as many as 3 or 4.  Our membership options are curated in a way that fits your needs.

Sound sessions are a mini-vacation from the hustle and bustle of life.  A breath of fresh air amongst the chaos.  

Self-care is so often put off for later.  Something that we will “get to” eventually… yet it often stays up in our mental to-do list and rarely something we make time for. 

 We offer memberships because that keeps us accountable to attending the sessions. Memberships help us prioritize self-care and investing in ourselves.  

We offer a variety of times to meet the needs of different schedules, whether daytime or evening sessions work best for you…. we’ve got you covered!

take your mental and emotional health to a whole new level with upgraded options!

The Ultimate Peace is perfect for those who struggle with anxiety, have a hard time focusing, or just overall not feeling their best mentally.  This is also a great option for anyone currently being treated for chronic pain and disorders, as caring for the nervous system greatly enhances other therapies.  

Benefits of membership

• Feel calmer, more peace in life
• Improve sleep
• Improve focus, less racing thoughts
• Less tension in the body, less pain
• More patience with others
• Improve your mindset
• Release negative thoughts
• Less anxious, less stressed
• Greater sense of clarity and mindfulness
• Process past traumas
• Unlock creativity