The Sound Spa

On the outside, Brittany has always appeared to have it all together.  She is outgoing, kind, helpful, a loving mother and wife, and contributes positively to her community.  On the inside, Brittany has struggled with crippling anxiety and racing thoughts since before she was a teenager.  


Even with exploring multiple avenues for coping with her anxiety, she could never quite escape the panic and worry that she would sometimes experience.  Medication helped greatly, but she would still find herself unable to sleep most nights because of the worry and thoughts running through her mind.  Although rare, the anxiety would sometimes creep in so strong that the thought of leaving the house seemed overwhelming, making social engagements a huge step each day.


It was her struggles with anxiety that initially attracted her to The Sound Spa.  She had heard that sound sessions could help with lowering anxiety, but didn’t really believe it.  At least by attending once, she could say that she tried something new- and supported a local business in the process.  


But it was that first session that gave her a glimpse of the calm that was possible for her.  A glimpse of slowing down her brain, and she felt a level of relaxation that she hadn’t experienced before.  

Not at first though.  At first, Brittany struggled to quiet her mind.  As she laid down on the mat, she kept wondering What is going on?  What are we doing here?  Is this really going to work?


And then she remembered something the facilitator said at the very beginning…. To notice your thoughts, but to let them go.  And she was finally able to shut off her thoughts and fully relax towards the end of the session.


Brittany knew that music had often helped her to relax and unwind over the years, so she expected the experience of a sound session to be similar.  But she was surprised to find that sound sessions benefited her so much more than just listening to music at home.  


She signed up for a few more sound sessions, and The Sound Spa quickly became her go to for finding balance within her busy life.  She was able to sleep better and to feel fully relaxed and calm, even when life around her was stressful.  Sound sessions became her mini-vacation, a place to get away from it all and let the thoughts and anxiety stop.  


Brittany soon began seeing how profoundly sound sessions could assist those she worked with each day.  As a Family Service Director for Baue Funeral Homes, Brittany spends her days working with families trying to navigate some of the most difficult moments of their lives.  She has referred several families to The Sound Spa, and has orchestrated several successful events that introduce sound therapy to those struggling with grief.  “Grief is overwhelming.  It’s hard to release pent up emotions and I know that this can help that,” she stated.The Sound Spa


Brittany not only shares the benefits of sound sessions with the grieving families, but has also introduced her co-workers to sound sessions as well.  She has witnessed the untold stress and burdens often carried by the Last Responders who provide such needed aid and support to families in their greatest moments of need.  “Last responders are always on call.  We are here at the very end to help people through the most traumatic events in their lives. It is very emotionally draining for us as well.”