The Sound Spa

The Sound Spa

No More Back Pain

Decades of chronic pain and months of excruciating back pain led Kate to try The Sound Spa to relieve stress and anxiety.  She not only found the solution to her pain, but unlocked a transformation of focus and energy that she had never expected.

Overcoming Overwhelm

When Katie began attending sessions at The Sound Spa, she was skeptical to say the least.  She had heard about the claimed benefits, but believed it was too good to be true.  Not only did sound immersions help relieve her stress and overwhelm, but she has benefited in more ways than she could have expected…

Saying goodbye to crippling anxiety

Brittany is a mother to two young children, a leader of her church’s student programming, and a Family Services Director for Baue Funeral Homes.  Brittany has found freedom and inner peace while balancing the different aspects of her life, which previously caused her constant worry and crippling anxiety.  

Getting Better Sleep and Staying Calm with Sound Sessions

Edith was first brought to The Sound Spa by her mother, Brittany, a Sound Spa member who wondered if the benefits she had experienced herself could also help her daughter.   Although typically a very positive, helpful, and loving child, Edith would sometimes struggle with bouts of anxiety that led….

Unlocking Higher Levels of Personal Growth and healing

Anna Alt is a true community leader in the St. Charles County area.  She is the Director of Community Outreach for one of the area’s largest women’s professional networks, Little Black Book: Women in Business.  She is also involved in numerous local organizations and events.  Anna found sound sessions to be life changing through the clarity and focus she gained….