The Sound Spa

Anna Alt is a true community leader in the St. Charles County area.  She is the Director of Community Outreach for one of the area’s largest women’s professional networks, Little Black Book: Women In Business. She is also a community leader and supporter in numerous local organizations and events.  Anna gives her time to supporting the CAPS program (Center for Advanced Professional Studies) and mentoring the future generation of business leaders, as well as serves on the Board for Barnes-Jewish St. Peters & Progress West Foundation.  

She is also a mom of 2 young teenagers, who she homeschools.

Anna balances all of her responsibilities seemingly flawlessly, as she has prioritized her mental health and self-care for quite some time. As someone who experienced a lot of childhood trauma, Anna has sought a variety of therapies and modalities to heal from the inside-out. And over the years, she has gained incredible insight and tools for becoming the best version of herself.


Shortly before coming to The Sound Spa, Anna’s personal growth journey began to accelerate at a fast-pace.  In May of 2022, Anna saw a high-performance sales and productivity expert to heal the one area that she felt stuck in.  She attributes that experience to really being the catalyst of changing her life. 

And just three months later, Anna was approached about sound therapy and a curiosity of what weekly sessions may be able to offer her.  After working through healing herself for so many years, Anna was most interested in higher-level shifts of personal understanding and evolution.  Achieving more zen-like states.

After her first session, Anna was convinced this was exactly what she needed in that season of life.  The next day after her session, she was amazed at how much more mindful and present she felt in her life.  Really being aware of the present moment was empowering and uplifting.  


From there, Anna attended sessions weekly.  

She used her time during sessions to be introspective, to really gain clarity and understanding about the different shifts that were happening in her life.  About her relationships. About herself.  During that time, she felt more confident and empowered when making decisions.  She had more mental focus when contemplating issues.  Anna was able to listen to her intuition much clearer than ever before.


Anna’s story is a great example of just how varied each individual’s experience is during a sound session.  The vibrations of the instruments impact each individual so uniquely, yet so powerfully.  Sound sessions are typically used for relaxing, for achieving greater mental, physical and emotional health. Yet, we can also experience greater connection with ourselves during sound sessions.  Greater connections and healing of our inner-worlds that empower our actions and decisions on a daily basis.